How to Make Designs on Kids T-Shirts With Markers

Kids always love colorful designed t-shirts. But you may have noticed that you don’t always get the exact color or designed t-shirt your child is looking for. So, how would it be if you design your little one’s t-shirts yourself at home? Obviously it’ll be fun and you’ll be able to gift your kids the exact designed or patterned t-shirt he is looking for. And you can easily do this task using fabric markers

This article will help you a lot in this regard as here we’ve discussed all the necessary steps in detail to make your task easier. Designing t-shirts at home is actually a great idea for any special event or holiday season.

T-Shirts Design tips Step by Step

Step 1: 

First you need to buy a tee of desired size and color. Then you need to draw the design you want to have on a peace of paper or you can also print out it from computer. After getting the design done at hand decide which colors you are going to use and how you will indicate different lines with different colors.

Step 2:

Now you need a flat surface and a hard cardboard. Lay down your kids tee on the flat surface and place the cardboard under the side you are going to paint. It’ll help you to stop bleeding the marker through the other side of the t-shirt. Both of your tee and design will be safe by doing so. Otherwise, your plan and design will ruin.

Step 3:

Now you have to trace your design on the t-shirt. Take a pencil and keep your hand drawn design on the tee. Then trace the design properly so that you don’t face any problem while painting it. Make the pencil mark a little bit deep to understand the design easily

Step 4:

You can also use masking tape for creating different shapes and zigzag line. Put the tape directly on the t-shirt surface and then create lines along the edge. It’ll help you to make a great artistic design and your lines will be straight also. For using masking tape you have to directly use fabric marker while designing. Otherwise, the lines will not be straight and design will not look good.

Step 5: 

However, it’s time to paint the design you have outlined on the fabric. Use different colored fabric markers to look the t-shirt more colorful and beautiful. Now follow the design and color it accordingly using your selected markers. But remember that while painting put your whole attention into it so that colors don’t go out. 

Step 6: 

Now follow the instructions given on the marker package and allow the design to dry accordingly. After drying properly set the design using heat so that it doesn’t bleed or go away after washing. For setting heat an iron and then rub over the design for 4-5 minutes. It’ll help to set up the design properly. Again you can use clothes dryer for design setting. But in this case you have to put the t-shirt inside cloth dryer for 30 minutes using high heat.

Important Tips

  1. Use fabric markers for light colored tees or white tees and use metallic markers for dark color tees.
  2. Wash the custom made t-shirt using cold water for the first three washes but you can also washing machine or air dryer.
  3. For looking the t-shirt clean and classy use single colored fabric markers. But if your child like colorful designs then it’s absolutely okay.
  4. For making your baby girl’s tee looking more gorgeous you can use gemstones on the neckline and cuffs.
  5. Don’t forget to set the design properly using heat.
  6. Don’t use normal marker or permanent marker for designing t-shirts as these markers contain toxic chemicals and may go away after one wash. Read more.

From now on hopefully, you’ll be able to make your kid’s desired t-shirt at home easily and at lower cost. You just need to follow the steps properly to get the accurate result. Don’t make mistakes otherwise your whole design may ruin. Again choose designs wisely so that you can do it easily. 

So, be creative with amazing baby  deals and let’s get started!