5 Crib Safety Guide for New Parents- Things to Look After

Bringing a new baby at home is always a joyful moment and again an excitement for parents and especially new parents. But taking care of them as much as difficult since they are very sensitive. And sleeping related problems are common issues. Rather than this you must be careful about the place you are keeping your baby asleep that means the crib. There are so many safety factors related to crib sleeping. That’s why we have come with some major tips that will help you a lot for keeping your baby safe.  source

Don’t Let Your Baby Overheat

While sleeping you probably put lots of coverings on your baby’s body like dresses, comforts etc. But you must need to be careful about the temperature. If you overlook and if your baby gets overheated then he may get a cold and fall sick. It’ll get another big problem for you. So, if your baby is sleeping inside the crib then check him twice in an hour so that he may not get the chance of getting overheated. And also don’t cover him with lots of clothes. It may also create suffocation in him. 

Use a Firm and Well-fitting Mattress

Always buy a firm and well-fitted mattress for the crib you are using for your child’s sleeping. If the mattress is very soft then your baby may drown in the crib and an accident may occur if he can’t take breathe properly. So, choose firm mattress for the crib. And also it needs to be well fitted so that there remains no pit inside the crib. Also double check these issues before keep your little one inside the crib. 

Check Before Buying Crib

You must need to check the crib properly that you are going to buy. As your little one will stay maximum time inside it you should be wise enough. So, before buying don’t forget to check that if there is any sharp edge in it or not and the gap between rails are small enough. Otherwise, your baby may get hurt. So, check properly. Check: Teaching a baby how to sleep easily

Don’t Keep Separate

Remember one thing that, don’t keep your baby alone in a separate room. As he is in the crib and in a separate room you’ll not be able to get in touch with him if he needs you. So, if he gets hungry or cry for some other reason you’ll not be able to hear him and meet up his need. So, keep the crib close to your bed and look after him properly. 

Be Careful!

If your child is a toddler then keep a sharp eye on him. As toddlers stand up inside the crib by holding the outside rails, there remains a chance to fall down from it. So, you must need to be careful. And when your little one learns to walk then you should not sleep him inside the crib and make him a habit of sleeping on the bed. Then there will be no worry. Still if you want to keep him inside the crib then always be alert. 

Sleeping in crib is very comfortable for your baby if you can bring a good and suitable one for him. So, follow the tips to keep your baby healthy and safe always.