6 Baby Bath Safety Tips That Every Mother Should Follow

Bathing your baby can be a very exciting matter for you and your baby as well. But it becomes a difficult issue if you do not follow the safety measures and it can be end up in a very bad situation for your little one. There are so many things you need to follow if you are bathing your baby for the first time. That’s why we have gathered some essential tips here for your concern, which we think every mother should follow properly. 

Give Your Baby an Oil Massage

Before starting bathing the first thing you need to do is go give your child an oil massage. It’ll not only feel better while bathing but also increases blood circulation through the vein. Don’t forget to test first by applying a little amount of oil in a small part of his skin to check it that the oil suits his skin or not. If he is okay with the oil then go for it. But remember one thing that don’t apply too much oil which can create irritation and he may slip over from your grip. It also takes twice amount of soap to wash the oil off from his body, which is harmful for him. 

Make Sure the Water is Just Right

Maintaining the perfect temperature of water is a very important issue. Otherwise, the skin of your little one can burn easily and he may end up by crying. So, dip your hand in the water for checking the temperature not just a finger. It’ll help you to test the temperature accurately. You’ll be able to feel that whether the water is right for your baby’s bath or not. However, don’t just douse mug after mug and sit him half in the water then bath him by splashing water. 

Gather Everything You’ll Need 

Before start bathing and going into the tub gather everything beside your hand. You’ll need shampoo, soap, towel etc. for completing his bath. Rather than this if you need anything then just simply take your baby off from the tub and take him with you. It’s actually better to grab all things close to hands so that you don’t face any difficulty. So, plan ahead and gather everything at a place and then start bathing so that you don’t need to get up frequently to bring essentials. It’ll make your task easier and your child will be happier also.

Never Leave Your Toddler Alone

It is the golden rule of bath safety that you should never leave your child alone while bathing. So, take all the essentials with you and don’t get up leaving him alone. If you need to pick up a call or if the door bells, then wrap him with towel and take your toddler with you and after finishing talking get back to the tub. Any accident can happen anytime without your presence. So, don’t leave them alone and stay with them all the time.

Avoid Using Soaps Daily

Every mom loves to add some bubbles in the bathtub. But over uses of products like shampoo, soap, body wash etc. can make the skin of your toddler dry and itchy. So, limit the uses of soapy products and use once or twice a week. It’ll help your baby to stay clean as well as free from dryness. However, toddlers also don’t need to use soap and shampoo daily as they don’t get that much dirty. So, use as less as you can to keep them safe and their skin healthy. 

Maintain A Safe Water Level

Always bath your child by sitting inside the tub and not standing because there remains a chance of falling down. Again don’t fill the tub fully with water and keep the water in the waist level of your toddler. It’ll help him to keep balance otherwise he’ll lose balance may drown in the tub. You should remember that a baby can be drown in an inch of water also. So, maintain a safe water level while bathing your child. 


Final Verdict

Whether it is your babies first bath or second, maintaining these safety tips are really very essential so that any types of accident doesn’t happen. Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep your baby safe.

Source: worldofmoms

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